Introducing two new treatments from Gelish Harmony!

Dip Powder Nails

Dip Powder is a cross between hard and soft gel, which involves dipping your nails into a gorgeous pot of coloured powder to get a slick and glossy finish. Sounds like fun? We think so, too. So how does it work exactly?

The Technique

Well, firstly, the nails are painted with a special primer coat, and then a base coat, as the nail technicians call it. Each finger is then dipped in a jar of coloured powder. This process is repeated once more before the hands are washed with water only (no soap allowed) and the nails are painted with a top coat that transforms the grainy looking nails into diamond shiny nails.

What’s So Special About This Method?

Well, there are several advantages of the dip powder method. Firstly, unlike the gel polish, which requires curing under the UV light to harden the polish, the dip method takes about two minutes to harden and dry with no special light required so you don’t need to bake your hands under a UV light. The powder method is also fragrance free so there are no chemical-like smells to deal with.

Are Dip Power Nails as Strong as Hard and Soft Gel?

Absolutely! Despite the lack of UV lights required in the process, dip powder nails are just as tough as gel and the polish won’t peel off, thereby ruining the nail bed. The powder is actually stronger than gel. If done properly, the dip method requires less time too, therefore making it suitable for people who don’t have enough time to get gel nails that require longer lengths of time due to the UV curing.



Fancy giving it a go? The Dip Powder nail treatment costs $500 and lasts around one hour. From now till 31 August 2018, you can enjoy 10% off the usual Dip Powder treatment for your first trial! Call or whatsapp us now at +852 5728 5222 to book your appointment now!

Gelish PolyGel

PolyGel is a new breed of nail extension product, a hybrid between acrylic and hard gel, which combines the best of both techniques but without all the negative effects. It has been created using tri-polymer technology which includes oligomers from gels, polymer from acrylics, and polymers from lacquer, to create beautifully shaped nails.

The Technique

The method involves applying a putty-like substance called PolyGel over the nail before gently shaping it using a liquid called Slip. Once the nail is dry, a gel polish can be applied over the top to create a gorgeous finish. Currently, this is available in six colours including bright white, natural clear, soft white, soft pink, dark pink, and cover pink. The nail technician can then use an e-file or a hand file to shape the nails to perfection.

Why is PolyGel Better Than Acrylic?

Unlike the acrylic nails technique, which involve active ingredients, PolyGel smells pleasant and has a light, pleasant fragrance. It is also nearly 25 percent lighter in weight than acrylics and is just as durable.

How Long Does it Last?

The natural nail preparation for PolyGel is the same as the preparation time for gel. The product should also be filed off, not soaked off, when it’s time to remove it. The nails are very easy to file and the dust simply falls downward. After filing, the nails can then be soaked to remove the remaining product.

Fancy giving it a go? The Gelish PolyGel treatment costs from $600 and lasts around 1.5 hours.



Fancy giving it a go? The Gelish Polygel nail treatment costs $600 and lasts around 1.5 hour. From now till 31 August 2018, you can enjoy 10% off the usual Gelish Polygel treatment for your first trial! Call or whatsapp us now at +852 5728 5222 to book your appointment now!


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